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Women's Caucus for Gender Justice
  in association with WITNESS present

  If Hope Were Enough

The Video

Every time crimes against women go without being investigated and prosecuted, the faith of women survivors in justice systems is shaken a little more. It is time that the international community takes measures to restore the faith.

If Hope Were Enough documents how victims and survivors of egregious crimes have suffered in conflict and non-conflict situations around the world and examines the options available to women for justice. It presents the imminent International Criminal Court as one of the promising avenues of justice that women can have access to in the future and exciting possibility of bringing changes at the national level.


WITNESS is a pioneering organization in the use of video and technology to fight for human rights. Witness gives human rights activists video camera to help them to expose the crimes, right the wrongs, and end impunity for human rights violators.

WITNESS partners with human rights organizations throughout the world and trains grassroots activists in video and investigative techniques. WITNESS equips the latest technology, provides assistance in field video productions, and ensures that the evidence generated gets an international audience.


Women's Caucus

Women's Caucus for gender Justice, formed in the spring of 1997, is a caucus of individuals and groups committed to:

  • Strengthening advocacy for women's human rights and
  • Helping to develop greater capacity among women in the use of the Criminal Court and other humanitarian and human rights laws and popular mechanisms that provide women avenues of access to different systems of justice.



Produced by the
Women's Caucus for Gender Justice
in association with WITNESS

Executive Producer
Vahida Nainar
Margaret Crehan
Script by
Pam Spees, Miho Tsuji 
Margaret Crehan
Assistant Editor
Laura Campagna, Howie Chen
Shabana Azmi
Music contributed by
Peter Gabriel, ULALE, Marie-Alyce DeViex

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